Callie Rose

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For my book analysis I read “The Peep Diaries How We’re Learing to Love Watching Ourselves an Our Neighbors” by Hal Niedziecki and ” The Facebook Effect” by David Kirkpatrick. Both of these book proved to be very interesting. They gave you a first hand look to the world of social networking. For my book analysis I looked into two main points they both made, my first point was about how advertising has entered into social networking and the effect it has made. I also went into my second point, being about the privacy issues that face Facebook and its users. Whether the lines of what is private or not private are fading, it is safe to say that Facebook has started to redefine privacy.

The books were really informative, they both managed to keep my attention. Both authors did a great job at getting really good information and building credibility throughout the book. Its crazy to see how much has changed since the explosion of Facebook. The story behind how it started is complicated but hard to put down. Peep diaries was so different fromany book I have read. It discussed how people have started to over-share and become obsessed with what others are doing. The effects of peeping go beyond over-sharing of course, by over-sharing we are also giving into mass media and changing our identities. I would recommend both books and hope that you at least try to get your hands on one!