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Fired over Twitter

In this article the author gives several example of people getting fired over twitter. This week in class we discussed some of the repercussions that social networking can have. Specifically toward the job market. While most of us want to believe that what we do away from work doesn’t interfere with our profession lives, well in fact it does. During our lecture I learned that not only do companies you work for, or are trying to work for know what twitter and facebook are, they are also skilled monitoring it as well. Companies search for mentions on twitter and track when their companies name is posted online. 

I found this article online, it gives 14 examples of people in the workplace getting fired for having inappropriate things posted on twitter. But this issue of getting fired over tweets goes far beyond that, we must also take into consideration is this faire and just for companies to spy on their employees and track there tweets? I personally believe that this is a totally invasion of privacy. People should not be fired over tweets they post or comments made on other types of social networking sites. Its a form of freedom of speech and what is said outside the work environment is completely separate from what is said inside of it. The finger should not be being pointed to the employee but rather the person who hired them.

Facebook and Twitter have not always been around, and weren’t part of the hiring aspect of the job market. People who interviewed potential employees had to be skilled in who to hire and an expert judge in character. These were the people companies instilled the most trust in. Now that twitter and other social networking sites have been created these interviewers now have used them as a threat. But I see it as laziness. These people should be responsible for looking at the persons resume and being thorough in their interviews with potential employees. They shouldn’t be peeking into twitter and googling these people. Its not only creepy but in some cases prejudice. What if these people do find a picture that they feel is in inappropriate and against their moral conduct? how is the interviewee supposed defend themselves? 

If companies are going to use twitter as a way to track employees there needs to be an overall consensus on what is right and what is wrong. Everyone has the right to be who they are. Especially outside the work environment. Tweeting your thoughts is part of freedom of speech. I am strongly against tracking employees and future employees and firing them over things written over social networking sites.